Not Enough Gas to Power Your Tankless Water Heater?

And they told you tankless wouldn’t work for you?

Recently we sold two Rinnai tankless water heater units to an apartment complex that replaced a conventional commercial water heater.  They went in with no issues and made a very nice installation.

Several months later we started getting feedback that the Rinnai tankless water heater units were not keeping up with demand.  It was more of sporadic problem than one that was constant.

We began to work through a shopping list of possible problems.  Nothing!

We were very much on the verge of assuming that the tenants were simply having a little fun at our expense when we stumbled upon the problem; not enough gas to fire the tankless water heater units fully.  It was so obvious but overlooked by all of us.

The cost of replacing the gas line, meter, etc. was prohibitive.  The landlord out of frustration went back and installed a conventional heater and we were left with ‘mud on our face’.

You would think this was one of those scenarios that tankless wouldn’t work.

You would be wrong.

Had we known, as we probably should have, that the gas line would be a problem I would have suggested only one Rinnai tankless water heater AND a storage tank!

This would permit an energy efficient solution, a warranty period longer than a conventional tank and less costs upfront.

I want to stress that I have not found a problem I could not find a solution to.  This was classic.  It was ‘engineered’ with the thinking that every situation is the same as the last situation.  If only life were that simple.

The moral of the story is to always look for the ‘monster under the bed.  Even though you’re the only one who sees him it still a good idea to sleep with a night lite on.

I know I do.

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