Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth It?

Tankless water heaters worth it?

I just reread an article from Consumer Reports posted September 2008. Not only is it OLD but its conclusions are highly flawed!

The world of 2008 no longer exists. Water heaters and costs of those units have exceeded the inflation of tankless units by a HUGE number. In addition the federal regulations of efficiency standards is due another major increase next year. Whatever logic for not recommending tankless technologies has long ‘left the building.’

I am also tickled that Rinnai was not tested in their report. The quality that Rinnai had then and has today may have caused a different outcome.

Let’s discuss point by point. offers a quality line of Rinnai tankless water heater for all gas instantiations. Many of our customers purchase from us and then find a qualified installer. This seems to shave literally $$$ from the price difference with conventional tank water heaters.

With a 12 year warranty and a 20+ year life expectancy you can compare the price to that of installing 2-3 tank type heaters. Also, the energy savings is huge and getting HUGER!

Rinnai products maintain temperature to within 2 degrees. PERIOD.

We offer an affordable Flushing Kit that should be used twice a year to maintain a clean system free of mineral build up. Rather than this being a weakness I strongly argue it to be a strength. Who would not change the oil in a new car or rotate it’s tires? The process is simple and the cost is miniscule.

Quite simply I could not argue more strongly about the conclusions! I have a Rinnai in my house and I LOVE IT! Unlimited hot water . For me it was a clear no brainer.

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Always Go for Quality When Buying a Tankless Water Heater

Looks like I may be a snob?

When I was a young man in the 60’s the expression “Made in Japan” was another form of saying “made of junk!”

Fast forward to today and that same expression means “made of quality.”

I am not sure when things changed but I feel pretty good buying expensive products like cars and televisions if I know the country of origin is Japan. My experience tells me that along with the perception Americans have in general.

Until very recently, the only gas tankless water heaters of note came from Japan. I now see the floodgates opening with products from China and Korea. That concerns me.

I have been approached by some factories in China to import and brand their products. I must admit that the prices made my knees shake. The difference in costs are pretty substantial.

I then began the process of checking out feedback and comments on similar products. Not so good.

More than once someone suggested that they were a quality control guinea pig. Not so bad for a consumer who wants to install tankless on the cheap but you have to feel sorry for the professional who talked their customer into it.

Since I have a history of going to tankless manufacturers sites I find the I am being bombarded with some of these manufacturers.

Maybe someday, but not today.

I know Rinnai and I know the services they render. As the old expression goes “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Rinnai has years and years of history under their belt and when I sell their products and they are installed properly, I know I have a happy customer.

I shudder to think of what could happen. The stuff of nightmares.

And yes, Rinnai is Made in Japan!

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Explaining Tankless Water Heaters, or Not.

Anyone who has read any of my blogs will understand I have a love affair going with tankless water heaters in general and Rinnai units in particular.


On the surface it is simple; unlimited hot water.

You simply will never run out of hot water. NEVER!

It’s like describing a favorite color. Sounds simple but can be more than a challenge.

I recently ran across a unique marketing campaign by the Rinnai division in Australia.

I like checking in with both Australia and New Zealand’s Rinnai sites as I find they experiment with products there prior to being sent to America. I actually wish I could get my hands on some of their products for myself. Pretty neat stuff.

You may be amused at the way the commercials deal with the unique selling points of Rinnai. Not to be missed is the issue of quality.

Increasingly I am seeing Chinese products flooding our markets. I am more than a little concerned about the quality of these units. Of course there is little opportunity to discover this fact without doing a lot of homework. The products are sold on price ONLY. Just check the feedback scores.

Also, they offer little or no hand holding after the sale.

Rinnai has been extremely concerned about their product’s image since day one. Installers must attend

classes to learn the nuts and bolts of the technology. I have found NO issues when properly installed.

When someone does it ‘on the cheap’ it often ends very badly.

…..tankless water heaters let you shovel your driveway and stand under a hot shower forever.

….tankless water heaters let you be the 4th person in the house to wake up and shower…forever.

…tankless water heaters let you experience the color green, as in money in your pocket!


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Authorized Rinnai Online Reseller

Authorized Rinnai Online Reseller
Rinnai Authorized Online Reseller

Rinnai Authorized Online Reseller

It has almost been one year since we were given this accolade.

What it means is that Rinnai looked deep and hard about who they wanted to see promoting their brand on a national level over this very new arena called the Internet.  I feel these many months have proven their choice was a good one.

Over that period, and a very tough economy we have been able to enter the Million Dollar sales club with Rinnai.  Last year we exceeded $1.4 million. Thank you Rinnai!

I think it important to indeed say thank you to a partner that supplied us with an excellent product to sell.  The times that I have had issues with quality are extremely few.  In fact the likely problems generally fall back on poor installations.

We as a partner are very careful in how we sell these sophisticated products.  Previously we worked with our local rep to learn the product inside and out.  We hosted many training sessions for the local trade so that they too were aware of the uniqueness of the product.  The training never ends and we too are keeping up with the changes that are introduced.

Tankless water heaters are not something to be sold by a mass merchandiser.  This is not a product that should be picked up at a Sam’s Club or even a Lowes or a Home Depot.  This is a product that needs checks and balances that only exist with our industry.

How Rinnai products are marketed is special.  Since the day of Paul Harvey they explained to the home owner what this product was and what it did.  They have always worked closely with the trade to create a very positive image.  They know how burning bridges forever ruins the marketplace.

Thank you Rinnai for believing in and

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$250 off a Tankless Water Heater!

We don’t normally do giveaways but today is different! Today starts our first ever giveaway! You can enter for the chance to win $250 off your choice of tankless water heater from Follow the link to enter and you also have the option to enter more than once!  Winner will be notified by email with a code to use on our website. Contest ends June 30th.

http://a Rafflecopter giveaway





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Chronomite – Great Tankless Option for Small Hot Water Demand

Sometimes you need just a small amount of hot water. For example, a business that has one lavatory and needs employees to wash their hands. Or maybe a gas station with a courtesy lavatory.

Chronomite makes an excellent solution to this concern.

The Chronomite Instant-Flow SR model is a great basic instant water heater for a wide variety of uses.

Chronomite Instant Flow SR Model

Chronomite Instant Flow SR Model

It features a small size, low installation cost, and delivers unlimited hot water. It also meets the ADA requirements and is 99% Energy Efficient. This instant water heater is perfect for lavatories, sinks, showers, and other special applications.

It is easily installed at the point of use with a low cost.

Once done you will have unlimited hot water. That is the beauty of tankless products.

The reality is that although there is a constant stream of hot water there is a limit to how much water is produced. Spend some time going over the literature and the specs. Determine what your electrical situation is first. I have had individuals who want to use these for showers! It seems obvious to me that won’t work but that is a true story.

One last major point to mention is that Chronomite products are made in America. I can see the influx of cheap tankless copycats but am thrilled to be able to offer this choice. I think you will be pleased.

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Venting Tankless Water Heaters with PVC?

Venting tankless with PVC?

For far too long I have seen tankless manufacturers promoting the fact that a plumber could vent their units using PVC pipe and fittings as if that was a good thing.

I realize plumbers are comfortable using PVC but that is for drainage of water. The question begs to be asked if that works equally well for venting of gas appliances.

I see no value in this perception.

Recently I saw a VERY alarming article on this topic;

It states what I fear.

Conversly, Rinnai has long embraced their concentric venting that was created for this unique application. Not only does it work, it looks good doing it.

From my living room I can see the side of my neighbor’s house. He has several plastic “fittins’..” sticking out of the side of his house. Not a day goes by that I don’t think how hideous that looks.

My Rinnai unit has the most aesthetic look of any vent in my neighborhood.

I know that might seem like a small deal, but for me and my neighbor, IT”S HUGE!

Please let me emphasis in the strongest terms. The venting Rinnai uses works. The alternatives are extremely suspect.

Having said that I do agree when plastic is necessary. Many commercial situations require this flexibility.

Done properly there should be no issues. Short of that I see NO reason.

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